How to restore a bricked Android device from Linux

Nicholas Alipaz

I was recently trying to upgrade an old-ish Asus Transformer TF300T from Ice Cream Sandwich to Lollipop or higher so that I could give it to my son to use with ScratchJR. However, I ended up bricking it into a boot loop by formatting one of the partitions I shouldn't have. These are instructions on how I got this tablet back in working order and ultimately upgraded it to Marshmallow.

Pre-requisites for the steps that follow:

  • Reflash the tablet with the latest version of Android from Asus' website. Needless to say this might've been where I should've started, but this was the required step that most tutorials I found left out. Easily done on Linux:
    • Unzip the downloaded zip
    • Unzip the file you get from the above unzip
    • Use fastboot to flash the resulting blob file to the tablet.
      • Attach tablet to computer via usb cable.
      • Startup tablet by holding power+volumedown, hold until the menu comes up
      • Once started up