I have been told by many people that my son looks like me, but I have yet to share my children's pictures. I recently pulled some out and here are some comparison shots of us around the same age.

Papa and Leon Crawling

Dr. Bill Sears gave a presentation at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center in Pasadena yesterday. I decided to go since I really respect his opinion and we have taken a strong interest in health in relation to food recently. Here are notes I took during the presentation. It was a great presentation full of useful information to get families on the right track to a healthy nutritional life.

Good Arteries

Very sad news and sad state we live in today. A man died at the hands of the city he lived in. The City of Roswell Georgia harassed the poor man to his death bed.

Leon sitting on the lap of the Easter Bunny, he seemed to really like him.

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