We had our baby shower today. Lots of fun! Tomoko did a great job making some wonderful food, even though she is quite far along (36 weeks) she still enjoys being in the kitchen.

tomoko pregnant

When Tomoko and I found out we were having a boy, we both knew we had a decision to make. She wasn't so concerned initially and left the decision up to me.

circumcision chair

Leon has been kicking like crazy lately. We are now at 27 weeks. For some reason he really seems to get active each day around our bedtime, not sure why that is. But he just starts kicking up a storm.

bedtime stories book

After seeing my new son's 3D ultrasound video I started to notice how much he might look like me ;) My wife noted his sloped eyebrows and his large nose, of which I too suffer from.

baby leon
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